Following on from an inspiring lecture whilst attending university, Tom has dedicated himself to becoming the best Men's Health Physiotherapist he can be. 

Tom graduated from Griffith University with Bachelor of Exercise Science, Master of Physiotherapy double degree. Since graduating he has been working in private practice, whilst undertaking further study where ever possible.

Following on from University, Tom undertook a number of courses related to Men's Health, whilst also seeking out mentorship from some of the leaders in the area. He has delivered numerous talks surrounding Men's Health to local Men's Sheds, is active within the local Prostate Cancer Foundation support group.

He works very closely with a number of urologists and has viewed numerous surgeries over the years, including robotic prostatectomy. 

He believes that all men undergoing prostatectomy (removal of the prostate) should be given adequate pre-and posr-surgery pelvic floor muscle training. He is strong believer in the power of exercise, and incorporates this into all of his treatment and management advice for all patients.

Most of all, Tom gets blokes. He understands that men don't know they have a pelvic floor, let alone what to do with it. He understands the fear, anxiety and depressive moods that occur following a cancer diagnosis. He gets that despite what some of the researchers think - dry only equals dry when a man is comfortable enough to leave the house pad free.